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      About Us

           Zhiwei Electric founded in 1998, with two manufacturing locations in Wenzhou and one R&D center in Shanghai along with one plant in Brazil.

           It is a fast growing and leading local BEC  supplier specilizes in designing and manufacutirng world class PDB , partnering with lots of main stream customers like GM,Ford , Geely, SAIC ,BAIC etc.

          We are commited to becoming the best BEC and Moudle supplier to global customer by providing them with outstanding and superior service at a attractive pricing . We strive for being one of the best BEC suppliers to bring value added portfolios to our customer base for the years to come.

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      Main Products

      Set research and development, production and sales in one of the leading domestic,
      world-class automotive fuse box assembly and body electronic module business

      company situation

      The pursuit of excellence, committed to "a advanced enterprises" to provide advanced products and services

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